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Moomin By Reima

Finnish Baby Box

The Moomin edition offers you the full experience of 80-year-old baby box tradition with an exclusive collection of superior quality baby items in adorable Moomin designs.

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The best of two worlds

With the Moomin by Reima Finnish Baby Box we have merged the 80-year-old baby box tradition and the adorable Moomin designs - both originating from Finland.

Our exclusive collection includes superior quality baby items to help you take care of the baby through the first year. The products are delivered in a Moomin themed cardboard box with a fitted mattress to offer a safe sleeping place for the baby during the first months.

Factors we considered


All our products are compliant with the REACH regulation meaning that they are tested and free from any harmful substances for the baby.


The materials used are mechanically tested to meet the high standards required to endure the baby life. We only use reputable factories with years of experience in high quality baby product manufacturing.


Our products come in Scandinavian designs meaning that they are simple, colorful and gender neutral. We cooperate with experienced designers to create collections loved by families worldwide.


We use four different clothing sizes and clever multi-size features to match the fast growth of the baby during the first year. Seasonal clothing size and climate features are always customized for your baby.

At your service

Our secret is the unmatched level of service provided. In addition to the friendly customer service we want to give the collective expertise of our team for your use. Our only goal is to make life more effortless for families, so that everyone has more time to spend together.